Hailing from California and now calling the picturesque New Forest home, my journey began out of the necessity for a clean and pure spirit, given my coeliac condition. Fuelled by the disappointment of witnessing valuable fruit go to waste every day, I was inspired to create something extraordinary.

Laura braithwaite


The creative behind the Garden Vodka bottle and branding, Laura is both an award winning artist and part time accountant.  Drawing inspiration from her home in the enchanting New Forest, Laura's design evokes a sense of nature and sustainability with a modern whimsical flair.  Each element, from the choice of colours to the intricacies of the logo has been thoughtfully considered to resonate with the values that define the ethos of Garden Vodka.

New forest fruits

About the farm

Growing the UK's earliest and sweetest soft fruit in one of the country's most scenic areas, they are committed to reducing waste fruit in the most environmentally friendly manner.

farm to bottle philosophy

Creating a sustainable, farm-to-bottle vodka using New Forest strawberries to minimise waste and deliver a distinct spirit.

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